With the help of SEPTA, Gianna Otero (Grade 8) and Isabella (Bella) Colon (Grade 7), are earning their Girl Scout Silver Award (2023/2024). To receive the Silver Award, Girl Scouts must each complete a minimum of 50 hours of planning, implementation and leading their project. Recipients must also show the need for their chosen project within their community, have sustainability to “live on” and have lasting impact, develop an original idea and follow through, build a support team in relation to your project (that is where SEPTA came in!), and document all action items and finances. These Girl Scouts, better known as “G n B talk ADHD” saw the need, and opportunity, to try to destigmatize ADHD and fellow “hidden disabilities”. They developed a custom curriculum with activities, aggregated data, reading materials, games and guided talking points for Girl Scout leaders, youth group leaders, teachers, etc. to use for a lesson or meeting. The whole project is portable and can be scaled up or down to work with any age level. You even get a custom iron on patch when you complete their program! To access their project, or get more information, please email: GnBtalkADHD@gmail.com