We will be meeting by Zoom on December 12 @ 7pm to vote on the renewal of SEPTA’s bylaws. Please join us if you can. At least 10 members in attendance to to meet our quorum. If you would like a copy of the bylaws, please email us and weContinue Reading

Here are the dates of this year’s SEPTA meetings: The first one is our “meet & greet” where families have the chance to meet the us, the PPS team, some of the special education teachers, and each other, over some snacks and soft drinks.  This year, of course, it –Continue Reading

On 26 August, Julia Chung and her team hosted a Q&A session for families who might have questions not covered in the district’s general meetings. If you were unable to attend, you can watch a recording of the meeting here. During the meeting, people typed their questions for Julia andContinue Reading

Please use this Zoom meeting link to join us THIS WEDS May 20 @ 7pm for the SEPTA Budget Vote.  Note: Your Zoom login will serve as the sign-in sheet for official PTA minute attendance purposes. If you do not have a Zoom account, you can set one up onContinue Reading

Parents of teens might find this webinar by ADDitude helpful in preserving their sanity… Live Webinar on April 2: Quaran-Teens with ADHD: Troubleshooting Learning, Motivation, and Organization Problems 1-2pm, Eastern Time https://www.additudemag.com/webinar/quarantine-adhd-teen

The following message was emailed to all SEPTA members this morning… We wanted to reach out to each of you, as both parents and neighbors. This is a time of many sudden transitions which can be challenging for our kids as well as trying for us. For many of usContinue Reading

In light of COVID-19 recommendations for social distancing, we decided to postpone the SEPTA bylaw vote that was planned for Monday 2/13. It will be rescheduled when new guidance is issued. The SEPTA bylaws are up for a renewal vote, which must take place by April 1st 2020.  (We areContinue Reading

Come join us this Thursday evening [2/13 @ 6:30pm, PMS Library] for an informative presentation that will demystify the process of finding, and enrolling your kids in, the best-fit camp/program – one that meet’s both your child’s needs & interests AND your budget. Our guest speaker, Ellen Wylie*, will startContinue Reading

We have a private discussion group on Facebook which SEPTA members can join. Only people inside the group can see the posts, so it is a safe space for members to special education topics, to post helpful/fun events, or to give suggestions for where to seek help for your child.Continue Reading

Welcome to our new SEPTA website! Please take a look around and let us know what you think, using our Contact form. The resources section will evolve over time, so please share with us any links you think might be helpful to others in our SEPTA community.