Vote on updated PTAC bylaws to be included in November 3rd meeting

The PTA Council (PTAC) is an organization that sits above SEPTA. It is comprised of representatives from all 6 school’s PTAs in the District, as well as SEPTA.

PTAC’s bylaws are up for renewal and each PTA is required to review and vote on the bylaws. This year, there is only one change and that is in Article VI Section 2 (Member Units Dues) where dues are being increased from $1250 to $1500 to reflect price increases, as well keep with PTAC’s mission by amplifying community engagement programming, increase scholarships and prioritize new initiatives that support equity across the district.

SEPTA does not pay into PTAC but still will vote on the increase. We will hold the vote during our November 3rd meeting (the meeting when PPS make their presentation),  so please take some time before then to review the PTA Council draft bylaws.

You can view the PTA Council draft bylaws here.

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