This Thursday 4/28 — SEPTA Board and Budget vote

This coming Thursday, April 28th at 6PM via Zoom we will be hosting a very brief meeting. This meeting is being called to address the vote for a replacement Treasurer for the SEPTA Board and to vote on the proposed District Budget. It is ESSENTIAL that as many of you who can attend do so as we need a quorum of 10 in order to conduct the votes.

Dr. Champ will not be in attendance but will be conducting several open forums to discuss a break down of the budget and answer any questions from the community. Please attend one of these sessions prior to our meeting so that you can feel appropriately informed to cast a vote. YES, NO, and Abstentions are allowed an anonymously recorded at the meeting.

We will also be calling for a vote to add Mr. Greg Cosentino, who has graciously volunteered his time, services, and expertise, to our SEPTA Board as Treasurer.

You can find the Zoom link on our Events Page.

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