Budget Vote & Candidates’ contact info

Budget Vote

Thank you to Dr. Champ for presenting the budget so clearly at our meeting last evening, and to everyone who joined us to listen and ask questions.  Our members voted in favor.

Click here to view Dr. Champ’s presentation

School Board Trustee Candidates

Thank you to the five BoE candidates who joined us last evening (or, in one case, sent a recorded video due to a schedule clash). The 3-minute presentations were very enlightening.

On Wednesday, 5/12, the PTA Council is holding a Q&A forum with the candidates, moderated by an impartial 3rd party appointed by LOW Westchester.  More details will follow in due course.

In alphabetical order by last name, the candidates are:
1. Eileen Miller: eileenmiller180@gmail.com
2. Dr. Michael Owen-Michaane: michael@owenmichaane.com
3. Janice Powers: janice4boe@gmail.com
4. Ian V. Rowe: irowe59@gmail.com
5. Jess Young: young.jess@gmail.com

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