SEPTA Meeting Dates for the 2020/21 School Year

Here are the dates of this year’s SEPTA meetings:

The first one is our “meet & greet” where families have the chance to meet the us, the PPS team, some of the special education teachers, and each other, over some snacks and soft drinks.  This year, of course, it – and probably  some of the other meetings – will be via Zoom.  More details will follow in due course.

9/22 Tuesday, 3:30pm  –  Welcome / meet and greet
11/19 Thursday, 6:30pm  –  1st meeting
1/28 Thursday,  6:30pm   –  2nd meeting
4/22 Thursday,  6:30pm  –  3rd meeting

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Sarah Frei and Rose Horley
SEPTA Co-Presidents

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